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Bad Credit? Difficult Loan?

  • Have you been declined or had no luck with your bank?

  • Do you have issues with your credit file e.g. judgements, defaults etc?

  • Ex-Bankrupt or Part 9?

  • Don’t have genuine savings?

  • Just changed jobs or on probation?

  • Self-employed and don’t have business financials ready?

  • Need cash out to pay tax debts?

  • Buying a specialised property the bank won’t accept as security?

Whatever your situation please don’t stress because here at Financial Destiny we have specialist lenders on our panel that love the tricky stuff!

With banks tightening their credit policy it can be very frustrating if you do not fit nicely into their neat little boxes. Give us a call and let us know your situation, our lenders are supportive and understand that not everyone is the same!

Let us help you!